Youth Entrepreneurship Acceleration Program

Promoting Youth Enterprise Creation to End Extreme Poverty

The aim of this program is to promote youth enterprise creation to end extreme poverty among youths and build a sustainable future for all. The program seek to provide youths with the necessary skills, resources, and opportunities to become successful entrepreneurs and to prevent them from diving into extreme poverty lines, which are causing many youths to result to joining crime groups that undermines the peace, security and growth of the society.

This program will provide 5000 young people in the next 5 years with the necessary skills and competencies to enable them convert their ideas into visible business ventures. The program is built using amplified models, consisting of tailored trainings, field studies, mentorship, meet-ups, funding, monitoring and evaluation, and more; good enough to scale any business idea.

We Identify, Train, Review, Develop, Fund and provide mentoring and business support to small businesses, as well as expose them to markets and networks. The program is intended for beginners with business ideas and startups ready to scale who need access to business capital ranging from Xaf25.000 to Xaf500.000. Candidates who successfully go through the program and defend the viability of their business idea will gain access to business capital.

YEAP is carefully designed to target uneducated rural youths and urban unemployed youths. The program will empower these youths by training and providing them access to resources to enable them start small businesses which will position them to become successful entrepreneurs so as to adapt to the shocks of conflicts, hash economic situations, displacements, pandemics and climate change.

We have a reputation of turning ideas into visible ventures or helping entrepreneurs develop business plans and business viability reports which has helped in bringing many businesses to lamplight. If you have a business idea or currently has a small enterprise you wish to scale, then this program is ideal for you.

This form is intended to collect initial information about your business idea or existing enterprises, so we can provide you further information regarding the Youth Entrepreneurship Acceleration Program, including participation in the acceleration program and other technical support you will gain from participating in the program.

  • Anyone struggling to convert an idea into a visible business
  • Anyone who wants to graduate from extreme poverty
  • Anyone who desire to start a small business
  • Anyone struggling to scale a small business
  • Aspiring and beginner entrepreneurs

The training will be hosted online using different online learning tools such as Zoom, WhatsApp broadcast, WhatsApp groups, Telegraph and other suitable tools. The students will be trained on how to use each training tool. Each trainer will decide which of the training tools to use, depending on the module for better results. The Online sessions are schedule to hold on Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays, from 7:00PM central African time. In a situation where the session is not to take place, students shall be duly informed with time, in such a case, the session shall be rescheduled to a date and time by the trainer.

At the end of the training, all participants shall take part in a compulsory business pitching before selected judges. Participants with good business ideas or startup enterprise who pitch the viability of their business and are selected as winners during the pitching session shall benefit from seed business capital ranging from Xaf25.000 to Xaf500.000.

Phase One:

  • Community and online youth identification
  • Review of candidates
  • Selection of candidates

Phase two:

  • General business training,
  • Tailored trainings
  • Review of businesses
  • Selection of candidates for business pitching

Phase three:

  • Business pitching
  • Selection of winners

Phase four:

  • Funding of businesses
  • Monitoring and evaluations
  • Mentoring

Phase five

  • Poverty graduation

Successful candidates who pitch and defend the viability of their business ideas or enterprises will have the opportunity to access business capital ranging from Xaf25.000 to Xaf500.000

  • When the participant fails to complete the program.
  • When the participant fails to participate compulsory business field assignments.
  • When the participant fails to submit his/her business plan for review.
  • When the participant fails to pitch his/her business idea.
  • When the pitched business or business idea is not viable for investment.

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