The Young African Professional Fellowship is one of the flagship programs of GAICAM International for young Africans, designed to strengthen the capacities of young professionals for the world of work. It is an excellent journey of true professionalism where young professional are equipped with highly essential professional skills for today’s workplace.

The program equally engages young professionals to share professional experiences and challenges, aimed at building their capacities for the world of work. The program equally highlights Friendship, Self-Exploration, Leadership Development, Collaboration, Sustainable Development Goals, and Youth Empowerment.

Due to the increasing demand for Digital Skills in the world of work, the fellowship program has been structured to train and mentor participants on essential work place digital skills that would boost their productivity and access in today’s highly digitalize workplace.

Fellows are between the ages of 20 and 40, selected from across Africa to take part in the program. These are young people who are currently employed or are passionate about improving on their professionalism for the world of work and productivity.

The program is open for both ONLINE and ON-SITE (in-person) participation. The structure of the program allows young Africans to participate in the Fellowship program virtually without leaving their jobs. It also gives others the opportunity to participate online and in-person in Douala, Cameroon to share and learn from professionals in the field.

The Fellowship is carefully structured into two phases. The first phase of the program will host an intensive professional training online, where the fellows will be equipped with over 100 technical and professional skills. During this phase of the program, participants will have access to over 25 practical work place documents. They will equally learn different digital work place skills from professionals.

After participating in the one week virtual session of the Fellowship, phase two of the program will require participants to participate in a professional and industrial field visits to some relevant non-profit, public and private sector organizations for a working session and to blend and improve their professional experience.

Fellowship professional and industrial field visits are very beneficial to the Fellows and provide a substantive experience for the Fellows. The field visit is intended to provide Fellows direct experience with the day-to-day workings of professionals and the opportunity to network and be recruited or form professional relationships with employers.



  1. 1. Over 17 training modules
    2. Free Professional Mentorship
    3. Award of participation certificates
    4. In-person participation is optional.
    5. Games, entertainment, and leisure
    6. Recommendation where necessary
    7. 12-day professional exchange program
    8. Holding ONLINE and IN-PERSON in Douala
    9. Field visits to companies in Douala, Cameroon
    10. Visiting over 5 companies in Douala, Cameroon
    11. Over 100 technical and professional skills to learn
    12. Over 50 practical workplace documents are available.
    13. Individuals can participate online from across Africa.

    To participate in the Young African Professional Fellowship,

    • You need to a Young African between 18 and 40 years.
    • Bilingual or able to speak English.
    • Currently employed or seeking to improve your professional skills for the world of work.

    The Young African Professional Fellowship is FULLY FUNDED by GAICAM and Partners, covering expenses such as Training, Mentoring and Certification.

    However, there is a token registration fee of $20(10.500xaf) which each admitted Fellow is required to pay before they can be part of the Fellowship program.

    Those who intend to be part of the field visit in Douala are required to pay an extra $10(5000xaf). Note that the field visit is optional for international participants and those who cannot finance their trip to Douala.

    • Sunday, October 8, 2023: Application deadline
    • Saturday, October 14, 2023: General Virtual Fellowship Orientation
    • Monday, October 16–23, 2023: Start of Virtual Fellowship Training
    • Thursday, October 26, 2023: Professional and industrial field visit to Douala, Cameroon (this is optional for international participants and those who cannot sponsor their trip to Douala).
    • Friday, October 27, 2023: Continue field visit and fellowship virtually/in-person graduation and certification in Douala, Cameroon (participants who cannot make it to the in-person graduation can graduate virtually and receive their certificates in their mail box or visit GAICAM Head Office in Yaoundé for the hardcopy).
    1. Special Skills training
    2. Professional field visits
    3. Industry & career experience
    4. Award of Fellowship certificates
    5. Mentorship and access to global opportunities

    During the first phase of the Fellowship program, participants will be trained and equipped with the following highly solicited skills.

    1. Public speaking
    2. Personal Branding
    3. PowerPoint Preparation
    4. Writing a project proposal
    5. Writing business proposals
    6. Writing partnership letters
    7. Event Management Essentials
    8. Writing administrative reports
    9. Standing out in a job interview
    10. Understanding the world of work
    11. Writing professional business letters
    12. Writing professional motivation letters
    13. Developing a professional curriculum vitae
    14. Writing and responding to professional emails
    15. Writing to embassies and government agencies
    16. Professionally Multitasking and Time Management
    17. Digital tools to attend and host meetings and trainings

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