GAICAM International accepts volunteers, be it on part-time or full-time basis, as they offer assistance in the execution of projects and other related activities of the organization. We do not place restrictions to volunteers’ sphere of intervention. We encourage those who share our vision to join our team of volunteers to contribute their quota to societal development, irrespective of their geographical location. You can volunteer with us from any part of the world. Given that our organization is fully not-for-profit and depends on voluntary contributions to run its activities, we periodically need extra hands to help us achieving our goals.

Our volunteerism opportunity gives people many across the board, the opportunity to contribute to something bigger, while achieving their personal and professional goals. It gives young graduates the opportunity to develop scalable and marketable skills which are necessary in today’s job market



  1. A volunteer at GAICAM International is an individual who have willfully accepted to offer his/her services to GAICAM International for a specified duration of not less than three (3) months without expecting any remuneration or payment for work done or their services.
  2. Volunteers at GAICAM International can be assigned to participate in any task, depending on the commitment and competences of the volunteer in question. In general, they do not have specific duties. However, in a situation where a volunteer is assigned to a particular volunteer position or department, the details of the specific role is spelt out in the note assigning the volunteer to that role.
  3. Volunteerism at GAICAM International is not an employment or contractual relationship. That is, the volunteer is not an employee, independent contractor or consultant at GAICAM International. If there is a possibility that a volunteer be recruited as a paid employee for the organization, management will discuss the details with the volunteer and document the arrangement in a formal employment contract, contract for services or other arrangement.



  • Project development and programming.
  • Communication and advocacy.
  • Budgeting, Fundraising and Finance.
  • Graphics designs, technology and innovation.
  • General field assistance



Volunteers at GAICAM International bring in the following;

  1. Participate in organizing or helping at events.
  2. Draft activity reports and need correspondences
  3. Data collection, Monitoring and Reporting of activities.
  4. Support GAICAM International towards fulfilling its mission.
  5. Participate in all relevant inductive training programs and meetings.
  6. Participate is developing basic project concept notes and call for proposals.
  7. Propose projects which can be carried out by GAICAM in vulnerable communities.
  8. Coordinate field activities of GAICAM International in local communities.
  9. Support the planning, implementation and evaluation of ongoing community projects.
  10. Support management in identifying nominees for the Cameroon and African Heroes Awards.
  11. Lead and manage small group; proving feedback during project executions.
  12. Participate in performing different assigned task to the best of my abilities towards attaining organizational goals.
  13. Carry out duties they are authorized to perform and operate under the direction and supervision of nominated staff.
  14. Punctuality, reliability and responsibility towards the every assigned task and mission.
  15. Abstinence from any activity or action which can attract suspension, dismissal or legal actions; ensuring the strict respect of the terms agreed on in the volunteer consent form.



We accept two types of volunteers: Short-term volunteers and long-term volunteers, who can serve on fulltime or part-time basis as stipulated below;

  1. Short-term volunteers: This category of volunteers contribute to the activities of the organization for a minimum of 3 months for fulltime volunteers or 6 months for part-time volunteers, renewable once. Unless there is a convincing reason to extend their stay to a third term or they get recruited by the organization at the end of their second term, this category of volunteers cannot stay beyond their second term. The short-term volunteerism position is aimed at allowing job-seekers gain work experience. It is however still open to professionals who are willing to be of help to our course. It is a suitable option for onsite and distance volunteers.
  2. Long-term volunteers: This category of volunteers contribute to the activities of the organization for a minimum of 12 months and a maximum of 18 months renewable once. They can be either nationals or foreigners willing to assist in ongoing projects and/or can set up their own projects in direct supervision by GAICAM. The long-term volunteerism opportunity is aimed at giving (inter) national young professionals and academic researchers the chance to gain experience or carry out their academic work while working with GAICAM in any of its specialized field.  It is also suitable for the gap year activity and for professionals who want to help our community through their services and for all those who want to give back something to the world in gratitude for its bounty. It is a suitable option for part-time volunteers.



  1. Dedicating your time and efforts to every assigned task as a volunteer at GAICAM International helps you expand and boost your socials skills, while gaining skills which can be useful throughout your career development. Volunteering does not only help you build your resume, it performs the magic of helping you stand out when postulating for any opportunity globally. It helps highlights your character, passion, determination and prepares you for an uncertain future. Develop your professionalism and career portfolio with GAICAM International, working with some of the best minds to achieve remarkable results towards personal and professional goals.
  2. Volunteering with GAICAM International is a great opportunity of getting recruit as employee of the organization, especially as volunteerism is the basic way through which staff gets recruited in the organization. Whenever a vacant position exist in GAICAM, we only select suitable candidates from the pool of our volunteers to fill the vacancy. However, individuals who desire to join our team of volunteers must be willing and ready to go through a minimum of 3 months undisrupted volunteerism with us for those volunteering from any of our offices, while those volunteerism on part-time basis must be willing and ready to go through a minimum of 6 months volunteerism with the organization. Volunteers must however take every assigned task serious.
  3. GAICAM International is committed to providing suitable training to boost the awareness and skills of its volunteers to enable them effectively fit into their role. For this reason, it is our policy that all volunteers undertake induction and/or training at GAICAM International prior to commencing their volunteer position. We offer sufficient guidance and inductive training to our volunteers enable them improve on their work, and where possible, they can be send to attend specialized training sessions, workshops and meetings relevant to any ongoing project which may require their contributions. Where necessary, volunteers are sent to attend conferences or represent the organization in international conferences in any part of the world.
  4. GAICAM International provides reimbursement for any reasonable out-of-pocket expenses that a volunteer incur when performing authorized tasks, especially involving transportation and communication to execute assigned task. We do this to ensure that you are not financially disadvantaged as a result of your volunteer position with us. These payments are not remuneration or wages. However, you will need prior approval and provide receipts.
  5. We may sometimes provide you with other benefits as part of your volunteering role (examples include training, free food, accommodation, event entry, clothing, equipment, free international conferencing, retreats programs). When this occurs, it is on a gratuitous basis at the discretion of GAICAM International and is not payment in lieu of salary.



GAICAM seek volunteers who are highly motivated, proactive and self-driven. Creative and talented individuals who are willing and ready to contribute to the course of the organization without financial constraints. Any interested person who wish to volunteer with GAICAM International should be;

  • Discipline and of integrity.
  • Able to write and speak English or French
  • Computer literate, have a smartphone and an active Social Media account.
  • Ready to volunteer for a minimum of 3 months onsite or 6 months as part-time.
  • Willing to learn and commit to the core values of GAICAM and its projects.
  • Open to learn new things, work under pressure and have respect for hierarchy.
  • Willing and ready to volunteer with the organization without expecting any financial reward, except the gain promotion.
  • Should be ready to respect every stipulated volunteerism policy of the organization, especially the stipulated regulations in the volunteer consent form.



Anyone who desire to volunteer with GAICAM International should fill the application form below and submit. Meanwhile, before filling the application form, make sure you have carefully read trough the GAICAM volunteerism and employment policies.


If your application is approved and you are to be invited for an interview, you will be required to submit the following documents.

  • A curriculum vitae with at least 2 referees
  • Scanned copies of certficates and any other relavant document.
  • Scanned copy of National Identification Card or Passport
  • A recommendation letters from any competent person or administrator (optional)



  1. Conducts which may lead to disciplinary action includes, but is not limited to:
  • Poor time keeping and unreliability by a volunteer
  • Non respect of rules and policies of the organization.
  • Inappropriate handling or use of office equipment or other property.
  • Rudeness or hostility towards other volunteers, staff members or hierarchy.
  • Engaging in too many absences
  • Engaging in absences without prior notification.
  • Not tagging of the organization when representing or participating in an event organized by the organization.
  1. Some conducts may be tantamount to gross misconduct, in this instance, a volunteer may be immediately dismissed without prior warning. Conducts which may be classified as gross misconduct include, but is not limited to:
  • Failing to respect the terms stipulated in the Volunteer consent form.
  • Verbal or physical harassment of any employee, member or guest of GAICAM, particularly in respect of race, sex or religion.
  • Willful damage to or theft of property belonging to GAICAM or other volunteers, employee, member or guest of GAICAM.
  • Commercialization of GAICAM’s project or the use of any activity of GAICAM for personal gain.
  • Misused of GAICAM’s name for self-gain.
  • Misrepresentation of the organization of any form.
  • Falsifications of any of the organization records for personal gain.
  • Falsifications of documents or impersonation of character for personal gain.

In some severe cases, the volunteer may be reported to the forces of law and order for further investigation.



The procedures for issuant of attestation of volunteerism are as follows:

  • The volunteer must apply for the attestation by sending a formal request for an attestation of voluntary service to team@gaicam.org.
  • The volunteer must have elapse a minimum of three months (for fulltime volunteers) or six months (for part-time volunteers) period designated with no sanctions faced.
  • Must have followed all the codes of conducts outlined in the volunteer consent form.

The attestation is provided electronically free of any charge, but in a situation where the volunteer needs a print version of the attestation, he/she shall specify in the request for attestation. In collecting the attestation in any of the GAICAM offices, the volunteer will provide a Ream of A4 plain papers before collecting the printed copy of the attestation. Whether electronically or print version, the attestation shall be made available within five working days after the receipt of request.

Non issuance of attestation shall be as a result of the following reasons:

  • Volunteer didn’t complete the three or six months compulsory volunteer term.
  • Breaching of codes of conduct by volunteer which led to sanctions and no appeal written by the volunteer to the administration.
  • Dismissal from service as a volunteer for gross misconduct.

In case you make it through the interview and get admitted to volunteer with the organization, the volunteer consent form will be mailed to you to fill and sign, acknowledging that you have read this Volunteer policy document and have pledged to respect the stipulated rules and regulations.