GAICAM Annual Leadership & Entrepreneurial Fellowship

The GAICAM Annual Leadership and Entrepreneurial Fellowship is a designed annual training platform that brings together aspiring leaders and potential entrepreneurs across Cameroon to orientate and train them on sustainable leadership and entrepreneurial skills for today’s complex digital environment, all in an effort to invest in the next generation of Cameroonian leaders, and potential entrepreneurs who will serve as pavements to the emergence of Cameroon.

This initiative is expected to create new businesses and spur economic growth, promoting good governance and national unity, while enhancing peace and security across Cameroon, Africa and the world at large. There are no short cuts to the development of mindsets and abilities; it demands concerted training, discipline, focus and above all leadership and entrepreneurial skills which are of paramount importance in our journey towards the pinnacle of emergence and excellence in Cameroon and Africa at large. We can attain our highest potentials by continuously developing our abilities, inspiring and empowering young people to discover and live their full potential. This program is design to run annually during the long term holidays (July-August). We understand and recognize the need to help students, graduates and Cameroonians think beyond their certificates and the confines of survival, to how they who are the partners of today and the leaders of tomorrow can collectively work to make our nation Cameroon, top amongst others in Africa and why not Africa in the world.

It takes strong and devoted leaders to change policies and rigid systems and to educate and create opportunities for others as well. Developing the strongest most diverse talents and equipping potential leaders with quality skills, capable of enabling them achieve better results, as well as thrive in their endeavours is the core of our initiative. It is part of our vision that young African Leaders are co-opted and businesses created to speed the growth of Cameroon and Africa at large. A thriving nation implies a thriving economy, and a thriving economy does not just happen in isolation without initiators and innovators. We understand the importance of inspiring graduates, youths and especially women to become creative and set up their own businesses and become extraordinary in their fields.


  • To train young and vibrant Cameroonians and ultimately other nationalities with sustainable leadership and entrepreneurial skills, helping to create and establish startup businesses so they can serve as pavement to the emergence of Cameroon, and Africa at large.
  • Inspire, motivate and empower fellows with the necessary skills to enable them be more creative, proactive, flexible, productive, industrious and resourceful to the nation and the continent at large, while promoting and sustaining growth and enhancing peace in our communities.
  • Empower fellows enough to cause them conceive sustainable projects/business ideas, develop and test the ideas viability, debate and defend their projects/business ideas, and finally establish those ideas into visible projects and businesses.
  • Provide a suitable platform for young leaders to gainfully improve on their communication skills, creativity, and positive personality traits, as a result of our weekly defense, enabling them become successful leaders and public speakers, as well as empower them on how to sell their vision, etc.
  • To provide young leaders with a common platform which enables them come in contact with some prominent leaders, nation builders, successful entrepreneurs, business organizations, and international institutions, paving the way for them to think out of the box, see beyond the confine of their survival and certificates, as well as empower them with the right skills to take-up leadership roles and create new business ventures for the growth of Cameroon and Africa at large.
  • To develop true ambassadors of peace, unity and progress. Strong and vibrant youth population who will work tirelessly and stop at nothing until the Africa attain its full capacity.


We are committed and partnering with other organizations, NGOs and funders who share our thoughts and are ready to support our ongoing efforts to train Cameroon’s next generation leaders, and ultimately those of other nationalities. If you or your organization wishes to collaborate in funding this laudable initiative, contact us about potentials co-investments. You can equally donate to support the work or better still volunteer or link us to organizations and individuals who can commit to sponsoring this annual leadership and entrepreneurial fellowship.

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