Celebrating Doh Eugene NDAH; A 2016 GAICAM Fellow

Meet DOH EUGENE NDAH, one of the pioneer fellows of the GAICAM International Leadership and Entrepreneurial Fellowship (GAILEF) for the 2016 batch.

DOH EUGENE is the Chief Executive Officer of Fidelia Sales Agency (FSA), a Sales Consultancy Agency whose mission is to help small and medium sized enterprises to outsource their selling function so as to enable them cut down the cost of hiring and training sales persons; keeping sales persons motivated, and managing large teams.  His consultancy services has been influencing the sales of business across the globe. He services are not only consumed by Cameroonians or African Businesses, but businesses from other parts of the world. So far, his sales consultancy services has created a huge sales increase in the business world. If you need help with improving your business sales and planning your marketing and sales strategy, then contact him and your worries will be over.

DOH EUGENE holds a degree in Marketing from the Higher Institute of Business and Management Technologies (HIBMAT) Buea. After graduation from HIBMAT, Eugene applied to volunteer with GAICAM in early 2017 and it was approved.  As an administrative volunteer, he participated in the planning and execution of the 2017 GAICAM Fellowship. Despite his devotion to his job as an administrative volunteer of GAICAM, Eugene was very passionate in developing a career in Marketing and Sales generation, which he finally gained the professionalism in such an important field.

Despite being a CEO now, Eugene has never stopped being part of GAICAM, from where he got inspired to create Fidelia Sales Agency which is today helping businesses to generate sales. In early 2019, Eugene was appointed a Corporate Administrative Adviser at GAICAM International, in charge of advising young recruits and the organization on how to sell some of its annual events. Till date, Eugene remains devoted to GAICAM activities. He is one of the most humble administrative assistants which have served GAICAM in recent years, and we are so proud of him.

Eugene is a proud alumni of GAICAM, and we remain proud of him. He is one of the pioneer Cameroonians who participated in the first edition of the GAICAM International Leadership and Entrepreneurial Fellowship of 2016. His professionalism and hard work is today impacting the sales revenue of many businesses and we are proud of such an impact. Congratulations Eugene, continue to shine the light, we are proud of you. Keep the professionalism.


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Email: fellowship@gaicam.org

Web: www.gaicam.org/fellowship/

Twitter: @gaicamfellowship

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