Even you too can bank OR invest with CAMMICS.

CAMMICS Mobile Microfinance (Village Bank)

Our Vision
To address poverty in the grassroots which will lead to economic community transformation, economic independence and economic resilience by providing standard access to microfinance services in rural and semi urban areas in Cameroon

Our Mission
To realize our vision, as we believe that microfinance has proven to be an effective approach for poverty elevation. Therefore, our mission is to contribute to rural economic growth by providing fair loans to rural and semi urban women/youths that do not have access to conventional financing.

We make our targeted women/youths who are considered "Unbanked" by formal financial institutions to bank by using mobile technology to increase financial inclusiveness in rural areas, their mobile phone numbers are turned into account numbers which they are able to receive loans from CAMMICS through their mobile phones, pay back their loans, save and cash-out their savings.

“2.5 billion People lack access to financial services and capital, the majority of them are women” Jim Jung Kim President World Bank. Most rural & Semi-urban women/youths lack skills to succeed in their business, also they lack access to finance to fund their business, they cannot access finance because of barriers like collateral, bank account, transaction history etc because of this they are poor because no money to start or expand their business.

Through CAMMICS, rural/semi urban and less privileged women/youths are empowered with skills, micro credit loans to start a business through which they are able to educate their children in school, carter for their medical bills and afford other basic needs

BBC News Day Interviews the Founder of CAMMICS

CAMMICS was launched in Kwanso Village, Jakiri Sub-Division, Bui Division, North West Region Cameroon with the sum of 70,000FCFA (Averagely $127) with 11 loans given out. Currently 65+ loans have been given out already to rural women/youths for small business and agricultural purposes in 3 Villages with more than 700+ women trained in Vocational & Small Business Management Skills, Modern agricultural techniques, health education & proper parenting empowerment. CAMMICS targets to provide 5000 micro credit loans to 5000 rural women/youths by 2025 and our big dream is to build the McDonald's of microfinance in Central Africa Region

Health Partnership

In Partnership with Value Health Africa we will improve the health of these target women/youths by reducing the burden of non communicable diseases, promoting sexual and reproductive health, organizing screening programs, awareness raising and sensitization campaigns, screening for early diagnoses and prevention

At COSDEF Group we promote SDGs 1, 2, 3, 4, 8, 5, 11 through CELBMD Africa, Wikajobs & CAMMICS