About GAICAM International

GAICAM International is a non-governmental, not-for-profit and nonpolitical organization whose vision is to transform lives and promote social and economic growth across Africa; empowering young people and strengthening vulnerable communities so they can become resourceful to their community development, and promoting economic growth, reducing unemployment, crime waves, prostitution, rape cases, molestations and other social ills in their communities.


We promote community development and participation in the conservation of biodiversity and environment protection, Leadership and Entrepreneurial skills Development, talent Development, promotion sustainable development, and strengthen vulnerable communities so they can become viable to protect and fight against all forms of social. GAICAM International works tirelessly to empower young people and vulnerable communities, enabling them to live their aspirations and participate in building the communities they want.


We depend largely on volunteers and interns for the execution of our projects and activities. As such, we do not place any limitation on volunteers’ sphere of intervention. We encourage those who share our vision to join our team and contribute to community development.

Through our volunteer opportunities, we recruit volunteers on regular basis to fill the gaps and to permit us effectively carry out our activities. Our volunteers must however be ready to get involved in any activity of the organization geared towards the achieving the ultimate goal of the organization. Please fill the form below;

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